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Why have Touch Monitor Kiosks become more and more popular ?


Nowadays, self-service touch monitor kiosk have become more and more popular in retail stores and shopping malls to sell a variety of products and other services.

Using an Interactive touch monitor, the kiosk reduces the need to interact with store employees, which some customers view  as a plus. However, this is not the only advantages that Interactive touch monitor kiosks can provide to business. There are more that it can benefits businesses.

First let’s explain What is an Interactive touch monitor kiosk?

An Interactive touch monitor kiosk is self-contained, computerized terminal or booth that allows users to access information, perform transactions, or engage in various activities through a user-friendly interface. These kiosks are typically equipped with a Touch monitor, along with other input and output devices such as keyboards, barcode scanners, printers, cameras, or speakers.allowing users to execute certain transactions. Self-service is a key characteristic of this technology, which means that users may access the information, product, or service they need anytime.

According to statistics, the global sales from Interactive touch monitor kiosks are expected to double between now and 2028. This demonstrates the market’s enormous potential and how owning these kiosks may be an expectation for your business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your business, check out Keenovus – a pioneer and leading manufacturer of touch monitor kiosks in China.

The Interactive touch monitor kiosks benefits us in 8 ways.

1. Reduce Customer Dissatisfaction
A well-designed Interactive touch monitor kiosk can assist customers, helping businesses simplify procedures  and respond to  queries faster. The kiosk can answer frequently asked questions, display available products and services, and provide detailed pricing and purchasing information.

2. Lower Costs
Offering personalised services is one of the most efficient ways to attract a large number of consumers. When it comes to one-on-one interactions between customers and store employees, smart touch monitor kiosks currently work more effectively than any other technology.

3. Improves Business Efficiency
touch monitor kiosks can run for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – without taking sick leave or vacations – as long as there is power supply. And as a result, they can save your business  a lot of money.

4. Improves Sales
Kiosks can provide detailed product information, specifications, and features, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions. They can also offer recommendations based on customer preferences or past purchases, suggesting complementary items or upselling opportunities.

5.Maximise return on investment
It’s a proven fact that touch monitor kiosks provide an incredible return on investment. Many of our customers ordered touch monitors or touch monitor kiosks from us and their sales turnover is obviously higher year by year.

6. Analyses Customer Behaviour
Interactive touch monitor kiosks are equipped with cutting-edge technology that saves data and help businesses to better understand customer’s behaviour. Businesses  can improve their services by offering customers the best deals.

7. Demonstrate Brand
A touch monitor kiosk provides an excellent brand demonstration opportunity. Customers feel valued when they have access to aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly interface that helps  meet their needs. Making this process simple is  important to build customer’s loyalty. While offering excellent services, you can  exhibit your brand and logo, advertise  your product and services and advance promotion.

8. Improves Worker Satisfaction
touch monitor kiosks allow workers to focus on more  important issues that can help them develop their skills and talents.  Generating greater profits which translates to higher job satisfaction and retention for employees.


It is a trend that Touch monitor kiosks becomes more and more popular , it allows firms to sell more effectively and generate higher returns . it can enhance customer service, streamline processes, reduce wait times, and provide access to information and services outside of traditional business hours. It is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Post time: Dec-08-2023