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98″ Touchscreen Conference System – Enhanced Collaboration

short description:

Enhance your meeting experience with our 98-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Conference System. Featuring Physical Tempered Anti-Glare Glass for optimal visual effects, 20-point touch control for faster writing and annotation, and a sleek Ultra-Narrow Sandblasted Aluminum Alloy Frame with integrated iron cover for active heat dissipation. Enjoy hassle-free upgrades and maintenance with our internationally recognized OPS slot, and a front expansion port with one-touch on/off switch for easy operation. Other features include front remote-control window, built-in WIFI, front loudspeaker, and side-pull touch menu for writing, annotation, and child lock.

Product Detail

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Product Features

● Physical tempered anti-glare glass enhances visual effects and improves touch experience. Equipped with 20 points touch control for faster writing speed and optimal writing experience.

● Aluminum alloy frame with sandblasted surface anodized processing and iron cover for active heat dissipation. Ultra-narrow sandblasted frame with a single side width of only 29mm.

● OPS slot using internationally recognized standards for integrated plug-and-play design. Easy for upgrade and maintenance; a sleek outlook without visible wires.

● Front expansion port: One-touch on/off switch integrating with TV, computer, and energy-saving to realize easy to operation.

● Front remote-control window for a user-friendly operation and machine debugging setting. Front loud speaker with honeycomb sound hole.

● Built-in WIFI for the Android mainboard and PC end provides wireless transmission and network operations.

● Supports side-pull touch menu with functions of writing, annotation, screenshot on any point and child lock.


Display Parameters
Effective display area 2160*1215 (mm)
Display life 50000h(min.)
Brightness 350cd/
Contrast Ratio 12001 (customization accepted)
Color 1.07B
Backlight Unit TFT LED
Max. viewing angle 178°
Resolution 3840 * 2160
Unit Parameters
Video system PAL/SECAM
Audio format DK/BG/I
Audio output power 2*12W
Overall power 500W
Standby power ≤0.5W
Life cycle 30000 Hours
Input power 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Unit size 2216L*1310.5H*98.7 Wmm
Packaging size 2360L*1433H*280 Wmm
Net weight 98kg
Gross weight 118kg
Working condition Temp050Humidity10%RH80%RH
Storage environment Temp2060Humidity10%RH90%RH
Input ports Front portsUSB2.0*1USB3.0*1HDMI*1USB Touch*1
  Rear portsHDMI*2USB*2RS232*1,RJ45*1

2 *Earphone terminalsblack


Output ports 1 Earphone terminal 1*RCA connector

1 *Earphone terminalsblack

WIFI 2.4+5G,
Bluetooth Compatible with 2.4G+5G+bluetooth
Android System Parameters
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A55
GPU ARM Mali-G52 MP2 (2EE)Main frequency reaches 1.8G
Android version Andriod11.0
OSD language Chinese/English
OPS PC Parameters
CPU I3/I5/I7 optional
RAM 4G/8G/16G optional
Solid State DrivesSSD 128G/256G/512G optional
Operating system window7 /window10 optional
Interface Subjects to mainboard specs
WIFI Supports 802.11 b/g/n
Touch Frame Parameters
Type of sensing capacitive sensing
Operating voltage DC 5.0V±5%
Sensing tool Fingercapacitive writing pen
Touch pressure Zero
Multi-point support 10 to 40 points
Response time ≤6 MS
Coordinate output 4096(W)*4096(D)
Light resistance strength 88K LUX
Communication Interface USBUSB for power supply
Touch screen glass Tempered glass, light transmission rate > 90%
Supported system WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, LINUX,
Drive Drive-free
Life cycle 8000000 (times of touches)
External light resistance test All-angle resistant to ambient light
Remote controller Qty1pc
Power cable Qty1pc ,1.5m (L)
Antenna Qty3pcs
Battery Qty2pcs
Warranty card Qty1set
Certificate of Conformity Qty1set
Wall mount Qty1set
Manual Qty1set

Product Structure Diagram

Customized Touch Button Panel
Customized Touch Button Panel


65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.
65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.
65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.
65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.
65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.
65″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Tempered Glass & 20-Point Control.


Can touchscreens be used for interactive digital signage?

Yes, touchscreens are widely used for interactive digital signage, allowing users to engage with content and access information easily.

Can touchscreens be used for educational purposes?

Yes, touchscreens are commonly used in educational settings, facilitating interactive learning experiences and collaborative activities.

Are your touchscreens compatible with third-party software applications?

Yes, our touchscreens are compatible with a wide range of third-party software applications, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

Can touchscreens be used for interactive museum exhibits?

Yes, touchscreens are commonly used in interactive museum exhibits, enabling visitors to explore exhibits, access information, and engage with multimedia content.

Do you offer touchscreens with high brightness for outdoor applications?

Yes, we provide touchscreens with high brightness levels specifically designed for outdoor applications, ensuring optimal visibility even in direct sunlight.

Can touchscreens be used for virtual meetings and video conferencing?

Yes, touchscreens can be used for virtual meetings and video conferencing, offering intuitive controls and interactive collaboration features.

Among the parameters of touch products, the importance of each parameter may vary depending on the specific use case and requirements. However, the following parameters are generally considered crucial:

Screen Size: The screen size is important as it determines the display area available for content and interactions. It should be chosen based on the intended use and available space.

Resolution: Resolution affects the image clarity and detail. A higher resolution provides a more visually appealing and immersive experience, especially for applications that require precise graphics or detailed content.

Touch Technology: The touch technology is vital as it determines the responsiveness and accuracy of touch interactions. Capacitive touch screens are widely preferred due to their higher sensitivity, multi-touch support, and durability compared to resistive or infrared touch screens.

Durability: The durability of the touchscreen is essential, particularly for applications with high usage or in demanding environments. A robust and reliable touchscreen can withstand frequent touches, resist scratches, and ensure long-term functionality.

Environmental Adaptability: Consider the environmental conditions in which the touchscreen will be used. Factors such as brightness, contrast, and outdoor visibility are critical for outdoor applications, while features like waterproofing and dustproofing are important for harsh or industrial environments.

While these parameters are significant, the relative importance may vary depending on the specific requirements of the application. It's essential to prioritize the parameters that align with the intended use and optimize the user experience accordingly.

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