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85″ 4K Ultra-HD Smart Conference Display

short description:

Upgrade your meetings with our 85″ 4K Ultra-HD Smart Conference Display. Equipped with Android 11 OS and a unique 4K UI design, it offers a superior conference experience with multi-channel screen casting, wireless sharing, and efficient meeting software. Its super narrow border design and front-removable high-precision IR touch frame provide a seamless and intuitive touch experience. With high-performance writing software and a 4K whiteboard, you can effortlessly annotate and collaborate with colleagues. Experience intelligent control with the integrated computer shortcuts and one-touch switch on/off. Enhance your meetings with our 85″ 4K Ultra-HD Smart Conference Display.

Product Detail

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Product Features

● System

Equipped with Android 11 smart operating system and a unique 4K UI design; 4K ultra-HD is available for all interfaces.

4-core 64-bit high-performance CPU, Cortex-A55 architecture; Maximum support clock 1.8GHz

● Appearance and Intelligent Touch:

Super narrow border design of 3 equal sides of 12mm; matte material appearance.

Front-removable high-precision IR touch frame; touch accuracy reaches ±2mm; realizes 20 points touch with high sensitivity

Equipped with an OPS interface and expandable to dual systems.

Equipped with a digital audio output; front speaker and common interfaces.

Supports all channels touch, touch channels automatically switch and gesture recognition.

Intelligent control; remote control integrated computer shortcuts; intelligent eye protection; one-touch switch on/off.

● Whiteboard Writing:

4K whiteboard with 4K ultra-HD resolution for handwriting and fine strokes.

High-performance writing software; supports single-point and multipoint writing; adds brushstroke writing effects; supports whiteboard insertion of images, adding pages, gesture board-eraser, zooming in /out, roaming, scanning for sharing, and annotation in any channel and interface.

Whiteboard pages have infinite zooming, unrestricted undo and restore steps.

● Conference:

Built-in efficient meeting software such as WPS and welcome interface.

Built-in 2.4G/5G dual-band, dual-network card; supports WIFI and hotspots simultaneously

Supports wireless shared screen and multi-channel screen casting; realizes mirroring and remote snapshot, video, music, document sharing, picture screenshots, wireless encrypted remote casting, etc.


Display Parameters
Effective display area 1872.50*1053.36 (mm)
Display ratio 16:9
Brightness 300cd/
Contrast Ratio 12001 (customization accepted)
Color 10bit true color16.7M
Backlight Unit DLED
Max. viewing angle 178°
Resolution 3840 * 2160
Unit Parameters
Video system PAL/SECAM
Audio format DK/BG/I
Audio output power 2*10W
Overall power 500W
Standby power ≤0.5W
Life cycle 30000 Hours
Input power 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Unit size 1953.3L*1151.42H*93.0Wmm
  1953.3L*1151.42H*126.6Wmmwith brackets
Packaging size 2101L* 1338H*220Wmm
Net weight 67kg
Gross weight 82kg
Working condition Temp050Humidity10%RH80%RH
Storage environment Temp2060Humidity10%RH90%RH
Input ports Front portsUSB2.0*1USB3.0*1HDMI*1USB Touch*1
  Rear portsHDMI*2USB*2RS232*1,RJ45*1

2 *Earphone terminalsblack


Output ports 1 Earphone terminal 1*RCA connector

1 *Earphone terminalsblack

WIFI 2.4+5G,
Bluetooth Compatible with 2.4G+5G+bluetooth
Android System Parameters
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A55
GPU ARM Mali-G52 MP2 (2EE)Main frequency reaches 1.8G
Android version Andriod11.0
OSD language Chinese/English
OPS PC Parameters
CPU I3/I5/I7 optional
RAM 4G/8G/16G optional
Solid State DrivesSSD 128G/256G/512G optional
Operating system window7 /window10 optional
Interface Subjects to mainboard specs
WIFI Supports 802.11 b/g/n
Touch Frame Parameters
Type of sensing IR recognition
Mounting method Removable from the front with built-in IR
Sensing tool Finger, writing pen, or other non-transparent object ≥ Ø8mm
Resolution 32767*32767
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Response time ≤8 MS
Accuracy ≤±2mm
Light resistance strength 88K LUX
Touch points 20 touch points
Number of touches >60 million times in the same position
Supported system WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, LINUX ,Android ,MAC
Camera Parameters
Pixel 800W1200W4800W optional
Image sensor  1/2.8 inch CMOS
Lens Fixed focal length lens, Effective focal length 4.11mm
Angle of View Horizontal view 68.6°Diagonal 76.1°
Main camera focus method Fixed focus
Video output MJPG YUY2
Max. frame rate 30
Drive Drive-free
Resolution 3840 * 2160
Microphone Parameters
Type of microphone Array microphone
Microphone array 6 arrays8 arrays optional
Responsiveness 38db
Signal-to-noise ratio 63db
Pickup distance 8m
Sampling bits 16/24bit
Sampling rate 16kHz-48kHz
Drive win10 drive-free
Echo cancellation Supported
Remote controller Qty1pc
Power cable Qty1 pc, 1.8m (L)
Writing pen Qty1pc
Warranty card Qty1set
Certificate of Conformity Qty1set
Wall mount Qty1set

Product Structure Diagram

Customized Touch Button Panel


Can touchscreens be used for gaming?

Yes, touchscreens can be used for gaming and are a popular choice for mobile games and arcade machines.

What is the difference between a touch screen and a digital display?

A touchscreen is a display screen that is sensitive to touch and can be used to input commands or interact with applications. A digital display is a screen that displays content but does not have touch capabilities.

Can touchscreens be used in kiosks and self-service machines?

Yes, touchscreens are a popular choice for kiosks and self-service machines as they allow users to easily interact with the machine and input information.

Are touchscreens compatible with all operating systems?

Touchscreens can be compatible with a variety of operating systems, but please check the specifications of the individual products for more information on compatibility.

What is the response time of your touchscreens?

Our touchscreens have a fast response time, typically ranging from 5ms to 15ms, ensuring smooth and accurate touch interactions.

Here's a detailed introduction to the installation and configuration of touch screens


Mounting Options: Touch screens can be mounted in different ways, such as wall-mounting, table-mounting, or integration into kiosks or panels.

Connection: Connect the touch screen to the appropriate ports on your device, such as USB, or serial ports, using the provided cables.

Power Supply: Ensure that the touch screen is properly connected to a power source, either through a dedicated power cable or via USB if it supports bus-powered operation.

Driver Installation: Install the required drivers for the touch screen on your operating system. These drivers enable the system to recognize and communicate with the touch screen accurately.


Calibration: Perform touch screen calibration to ensure accurate touch detection. Calibration aligns the touch coordinates with the display coordinates.

Orientation: Configure the touch screen's orientation to match the physical placement. This ensures that touch input is correctly interpreted relative to the screen's orientation.

Gesture Settings: Adjust the gesture settings if the touch screen supports advanced gestures like pinch-to-zoom or swipe. Configure gesture sensitivity and enable/disable specific gestures as needed.

Advanced Settings: Some touch screens may offer additional configuration options like touch sensitivity, palm rejection, or pressure sensitivity. Customize these settings based on user preferences and specific requirements.

Testing and Troubleshooting:

Test Functionality: After installation and configuration, verify that the touch screen is functioning correctly by performing touch tests across the entire screen surface.

Driver Updates: Regularly check for driver updates from the manufacturer's website to ensure compatibility with the latest operating system updates and optimize performance.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided by the manufacturer. Common troubleshooting steps include driver reinstallation, recalibration, or checking cable connections.

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