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10.4″ IP65 Touch Monitor – Interactive & Waterproof

short description:

MH104231 is a highlight solution with an anti-glare and anti-vandal high brightness touch monitor. It features a PCAP multi-touch screen for a high-quality touch experience, with the option of 1000-2000 nits for clear visibility even in direct sunlight. The pure flat design and IP65 front side waterproof function make it a durable choice. It offers DVI and VGA interfaces, as well as USB for touch and support for various operating systems including XP, WIN7, WIN8, and WIN10. Other sizes are available from 8” to 43”.

  • Size: 10.4 inch
  • Maximum Resolution: 1024*768
  • Contrast Ratio: 900:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Brightness: ≥ 1000cd/m2 (no touch); ≥800cd/m2(with touch)
  • View Angle: H:75°75°, V:75°/75°
  • Video Port: 1 x VGA;1 x DVI;
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    Featured Specifications

    ●  Size: 10.4 inch

    ●  Maximum Resolution: 1024*768

    ●  Contrast Ratio: 900:1

    ●  Brightness: 1000cd/m2 (no touch); 800cd/m2(with touch)

    ●  View Angle: H:75°75°, V:75°/75°

    ●  Video Port:1*VGA, 1*DVI

    ●  Aspect Ratio: 4:3

    ●  Type: Open Frame


    Touch LCD Display
    Touch Screen Projected Capacitive
    Touch Points 10
    Touch Screen Interface USB (Type B)
    I/O Ports
    USB Port 1 x USB 2.0 (Type B) for Touch Interface
    Video Input VGA/DVI
    Audio Port None
    Power Input DC Input
    Physical Properties
    Power Supply Output: DC 12V±5% External Power Adaptor

    Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

    Support Colors 16.7M
    Response Time (Typ.) 16ms
    Frequency (H/V) 30~80KHz / 60~75Hz
    MTBF ≥ 30,000 Hours
    Power Consumption Standby Power: ≤1.5W; Operating Power: ≤18W
    Mount Interface 1. VESA 75mm

    2. Mount bracket, horizontal or vertical mount

    Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 276.4*219.4*43.5(mm)                             
    Regular Warranty 1 year
    Certifications CCC, ETL, FCC, CE, CB, RoHS
    Operating Temperature -0~50°C, 20%~80%RH
    Storage Temperature -20~60°C, 10%~90% RH


    KOT-104P-011+ KOT-0104U-CA4PH 34561303 (9)
    KOT-104P-011+ KOT-0104U-CA4PH 34561303 (10)
    KOT-104P-011+ KOT-0104U-CA4PH 34561303 (11)

    Touch Products Applications

    application (1)

    Keenovus products find wide applications across various industries, including retail, gaming, kiosks, self-service, finance, transit, conferences, education, healthcare, public services, e-commerce, hotels, restaurants, travel services, payment systems, museums, exhibitions, smart homes, subways, railway stations, control and operation systems, airports, and entertainment.

    In the retail industry, our products create intelligent shopping experiences, facilitate quick payments, and offer personalized recommendations, enhancing customer shopping experiences and driving sales performance.

    In the gaming sector, our touch products provide multi-touch capabilities and high-resolution displays for gaming machines, entertainment devices, and interactive experiences, delivering immersive gaming entertainment.

    In the self-service domain, our products are widely used in self-service terminals, ticket dispensers, and self-ordering kiosks, enabling users to enjoy convenient and efficient self-service experiences.

    application (2)
    application (3)

    In the finance industry, our touch products are employed in ATMs, payment terminals, and financial information display devices, ensuring secure and accurate transactions and information display.

    In public transportation, our products are extensively deployed in stations, airports, and subways, offering real-time information, navigation, and interactive services to enhance the efficiency and user experience of public transportation.

    In the education and conference sectors, our touch products support interactive teaching, conference presentations, and collaborative interactions, facilitating information exchange and improving collaboration efficiency.

    In the healthcare sector, our products feature antimicrobial coatings and easy-to-clean designs, making them ideal for medical equipment, electronic medical record systems, and medical information displays, providing a safe and hygienic healthcare environment.

    application (4)
    application (5)

    In the smart home industry, our products seamlessly integrate with smart home systems and devices, offering touch controls and information displays to create intelligent and convenient living experiences.

    Regardless of the industry, Keenovus is committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions, catering to diverse industry needs and providing exceptional user experiences and business growth for our customers.

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